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Lugers are very unique firearms. Either you want a Luger or you don't a P-38, or P-1 is not a Luger, nor does it have the interest and unique operating system. Again, if you want a Luger, get a Luger, don't "settle" for something else that will still leave you wanting.......a Luger.

Some others have said it, the best value in shooters are the Russian captures. I bought one of these in the mid 90's when they first came into the country. All the Nazi markings are in tact, and while it was re-blued, it looks like nothing else was done to it. The pistol has NEVER malfunctioned on my using a variety of cheap, bulk 9MM, and my reloads. It is also very accurate. I shoot mine regularly. Not every range session, but relatively often.
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