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Range Fees or Robbery?

I want to express my disgust about the amount of cash I had to fork over to shoot my already overpriced ammo over the weekend. A buddy and I waited for nearly an hour and had to pay nearly $40 for to share a lane. We weren't member's of the range so I realize that fees are going top be premium, but come on! So I am done with ranges, except for the Powder Room, which is only $10 for a lane. If the weather is good, I shooting outside, if mother nature is a bitch, I'll save my ammo.

I am new to ranges, since growing up I could walk off my parents deck and shoot all day long. So maybe I am being cheap, but I refuse to overpay for firearms, overpay for ammo, and then overpay for range time. Maybe I will take up knitting instead...

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