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Where I live, in Illinois, we generally are limited to three shots in a shotgun for hunting deer. We can also use a six shot revolver. Semi-auto shotguns are OK here. But we can't deer hunt with semi-auto hand guns. It all gets very confusing, so I hunt with a muzzle loader and do quite well. That being said, I'd hate to be forced to accept a muzzle loader as the only gun that I could use. I do have a use for large capacity magazine for home defense which includes clearing coyotes and other vermin out of the barnlot.
--Buying a hi-cap type gun just to look cool isn't the only factor I consider when I buy. It has to have a purpose. As the old muzzle loader is my fun-gun, the AR's and the Ak's are my go-to guns when I need something more serious.
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