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Mike Irwin
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Only one I've heard from is Mark Warner, and he's already flipped on us.

Gerry Connolly is my rep. I've known him for years. He's not unlike Maria Cantwell. I had thought that I and a friend had really made some changes in his views on guns. Can't tech an old liberal new tricks, I guess...

I saw him a month before Sandy Hook and told him in no uncertain terms that A) I really, REALLY like him as a person, but B) he had forever and for all time lost my vote and C) if he EVER came to my front door looking for my vote I'd bumrush his ass right off my porch.

He laughed, I laughed, but he knew I was serious.

Tim Kaine I've not heard from, either. But I don't expect to. He's a complete and total gun grabbing tool, and I really can't believe the Old Dominion elected his communist ass.
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