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For a 22lr you need a scope with parallax adjustment since most of your shots will be less than 100 yds and with fixed parallax the crosshairs are not in the focal plane at shorter distances leading to significant error based on the position of the eye. Nobody has perfectly repeatable cheek weld.

I went thorough a lot of looking for a scope for my 10/22 target that I just built. I didn't want to spend $600 on a scope for a $400 gun. My favorite scopes are the bushnell Elite Target with their great target knobs and firm clicks. I have the ET6245 on one of my remington 700s and it is a great scope.

I discovered the Simmons Pro Target and bought a refurbished one on ebay for $100. Highly recommened. Adjustable parallax and good optics. Owned by bushnell now and I believe getting influenced by the Elite Target line. I bought the 6-18x model.

Good luck, Jerry
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