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Thanks for the info, I have been hunting for over 25 years and reloading for almost as long. I have used both factory and reloads for my hunting. I also have chronographed most of my factory loads and all of my reloads for the last 10 years and understand that not all is as advertised and as the books say.

I groundhog hunt all summer as well as hike, camp and fish so I'm not too worried about my conditioning. What I was most worried about was bullet selection and having only shot my 300 at paper from the bench a half dozen times and never having carried it afield for game. That's why I'm planning on shooting it all summer and probably using it for a lot of my groundhog shooting, lol. This is what I always do when I choose to hunt with a centerfire that I haven't taken afield before.

I really appreciate all that has been offered, I feel a lot more comfortable with the choice of bullets and factory ammunition I have on-hand now.
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