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I noticed you mentioned the Sig 1911-22 3 times. Everybody else suggested something different, although no one said your choice was a bad one. I have no dog in this fight. I do own a few .22, but I don't own a MK or a 1911-22. If the 1911 floats your boat and it is what you want, chances are you will enjoy owning it. I think the most important aspect to buying guns is buying what you want/like. There is a reason why guns come in so many flavors. You may want to look at some other 1911 style .22's. Colt makes one and GSG does too. The GSG is the same as the SIG. I think the Colt is imported by Umarex and might be made by Walther. I can't remember what the difference is between the Sig/GSG & Colt/Umanex/Walther but you can probably find that info w/a quick web search. Buy what makes you happy, it's your money.
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