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Email this editor and tell him thanks

This article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Lorain Journal.
Please pay particular attention to what changed this editors mind - the emotion driven hysteria of the gun control side vs solid reasoning on the support for the RKBA side.

I've followed Tom Skoch for a number of years & he's always taken a gun control stance. I give him a lot of credit for having the guts to admit he was wrong.

It's not about guns; it’s about keeping control of your life.

The gun control “war” launched against American citizens and the Constitution this past week by the elites in Washington, D.C., is most certainly not about keeping little Bobby and Mary Jane safe in school.

Newtown was the perfect “crisis” that the Obama elites don’t want to waste in neutralizing opposition to their transformation of America into a utopian fantasy land. That sort of thing that has always evolved into a fatal disaster throughout the last century.

This past week, with great showmanship, Obama squeezed the kids like triggers; he fired them like little emotional bullets into America’s heart to disrupt your ability to think clearly about what is happening to our country.

As a journalist, I lived on the anti-gun side of the national divide for most of my life without questioning. Finally, in editing a daily Opinion page, I saw all the pro- and anti- arguments and statistics. Eventually, the truth became crystal clear: the pro-gun side was right by weight of fact and reason over the anti’s torrent of emotion and feelings.
Read the full opinion at the above link.

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