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I do love both the Glock 19 and 26. The only reason I leaned toward trading the 19 instead was because of "wear/age". I'll explain it below, I can't decide which is better to keep just in case I do decide to trade... Keep the 19 or 26? Details of each below:

GLOCK 26 GEN 3 Age: about 4 months old. Rounds fired through life of pistol: about 100. Everything is stock (not a bad thing I think the more stock, the more reliable). Condition is great since its only a few months old. I have a pretty nice holster for it.


GLOCK 19 GEN 3 Age: unknown. Bought it from a retired police officer. I don't remember if he said it was his duty weapon or not... Either way I'm guessing it was heavily carried, and has a high round count from training and practice. Or maybe it wasn't the officers duty weapon and he could have bought it while retired and it isn't that old... Problem is I don't know! So it could have about 500 rounds through it's life or 15,000... No idea. The condition looks still pretty good. The only thing I don't like is not knowing the age and round count on the Glock 19. I hate to be using it and one of the parts is at the point of needing replacement. The plus is it has night sights which I love. Also has a wolf trigger, plug, and easier mag release. I don't care at all for any of those add ons I like stock GLOCK as I think stock is more reliable. The night sights are an exception.

So knowing what I said above, does the Glock 19 still seem like a better keeper than the Glock 26? What makes the Glock 19 better anyways (just wondering). If I did keep only the G26, I'd keep a couple extra G-19 mags to use with the 26. Doesn't that make the mag difference no longer an issue? I figure they are both equally reliable. So I wonder what benefits the Glock 19 has over the 26 BESIDES mag cap as I have already G-19 mags for the 26 to make them equal. And since the G-19 is older, I wonder if its really any better than the G26 if mag cap is taken out of the equation?

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