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I didn't realize it was that bad.
I'd be thinking of packing a suitcase. Like others have stated now would be the best time. Hitch up your wagon and head out west, but don't go too far.... Similar infringement are unraveling at the other end. Here in Montana you can still walk into the nearest pawn, sporting goods, gun store, etc., and two minutes later.... walk out with your firearm. The local newspapers are filled with private sales that are usually settled with a handshake (my favorite ).

Moving is not an easy endeavor so going through the hoops might be what you have to do. Believe me when I say, that the appreciation and joy of your right to bear arms will taste much sweeter when you have experienced it first hand. So sweet that you will probably be as broke as me .

You are young and you sound like a good kid (my age showing), and it really hurts to hear how much trouble someone like yourself has to endure to enjoy such a wonderful part of our heritage.
Gun permit?? A bread crumb tossed to a sleeping society awoken by the sound of complacency. "They are for your own good", and "you will understand when you see all the lives they save". Yes master, what else will you toss me from your bag of infringements?? Do you want me to roll over and play dead? I do that very well. --skidder

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