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Said in a post above, in reference to the Single Ten:
Great shooter and less time to reload.
Uhhh, what, how? I think that takes MORE time to reload. You don't do it as often, however.

I realize that the world has long had a wild love affair with the Ruger Single Six and many/most feel the Single Ten is simply more of a great thing. I can't really argue against that successfully...afterall, when ya love something, you won't be talked out of it.

But for as much as I love revolvers, I just have trouble warming up to any/all single actions. And the smaller the holes are, the longer it takes me to warm to 'em.

And it's truly NOT that I'm in some kind of crazy hurry. But the short rotation...stabbing the little ejector through...ensure you didn't rotate a WEE bit too far (or ya gotta SKIP it and come back around to it!), man, that really gets old in a hurry.

I love a double action. Loading is certainly easier and more enjoyable. Ejecting the spent empties is light years more enjoyable. If we are talking pros & cons...I'm not saying it has to be a deal breaker, but can't we be a bit honest? The ultra-slow loading & unloading of any hogleg compared to a DA wheelgun, it's night and day.

And a Single TEN?! It's nearly half again as much.

I own one single action revolver and it's enough for me. I'm somewhere under ten DA's... I'm absolutely certain I haven't stopped buying them.
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