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Then you should hate springfield armory
You mean the company who uses the motto: "The first name in American Firearms."? That's their new motto--they've changed it recently and I have to give them credit. It's less misleading than the last motto which was: "The oldest name in American Firearms".

You are correct. They have no connection to the original Springfield Armory other than the rights to the name.

Same with the current company calling itself Armalite. I believe they have also recently changed their company motto and, as with Springfield, it's a step in the right direction. It is now: "The style of technology." Before that it was: "A history of innovation." which was pretty misleading since Eagle Arms (which purchased the rights to the Armalite name) hadn't been around that long before buying the Armalite name in 1996 and didn't really have much of a history of innovation.

That said, most agree that the three companies mentioned on this thread are selling good quality products.
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