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I agree about the rules: But we as a group of gun owners should know that we are the bullet and we are responsible. We should take extra precautions so that these things don't happen. We as gun owners should also know that every error and every broken rule will be highly scrutinized by those with an agenda to take away our rights. Things like this hit the media and adds fuel to an already anti gun agenda. We have to do things right in order to keep respect and keep our argument strong and valid. If the media learns of bumbling idiots out here negligently firing their guns off how does that make us look? H

I know this was a minor event being that no one got hurt etc. For that I am thankful to God. However, it still points back to being responsible and being safety minded at all times. This cannot be said enough imo.

I know accidents occur, but like I said, I feel their is no excuse for this type of accident. If you follow basic safety rules and basic rules for protecting you and your firearm. There should not be a problem.

However, I think I'm going to join a private range from this point and stay away from the 20 dollar lane fee's where all the people who just ran to a gun store , bought a box of ammo, and gonna go shoot are going. lol
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