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People call the 30 carbine cartridge a pistol round, but wasn't it designed from the begining for a carbine? Wouldn't that make it a carbine bullet?

I"d been looking for a nice usgi carbine for a while and I can't tell you how many beatup pos M1 carbines for $900 + I've seen at these gunshows. The nice usgi carbines are just too expensive and I'd be weary of shooting one alot and possibly devaluing it. Plus I don't want an antique I buy my guns to shoot them not collect them. so I ended up getting a good deal on an ao carbine that's been on the wall of a local gunshop forever. I can't believe nobody wanted it even in these desperate times. I was weary because of all the bad reviews, but if I listend to all the negative reviews I probably wouldn't own any guns at all. So I took a chance with the AO M1 carbine and I'm glad I did. It's a nice little plinker that's been reliable surprisingly accurate and fun to shoot. The best part is I can shoot it like I stole it and not worry about devaluing a beautiful piece of American history..
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