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Not too proud

Dummies do abound ... but the average recruit is much, much, more of a neanderthal than the cadre. The cadre is rather educated now, surprisingly. The recruits are for the most part in my training battalion, from the lowest dregs. I see most of them being chaptered out asap.

I'm not too proud of myself. I'm not going Ranger, just Air Assualt for now ... 15 mile and 25 mile march tore me up. Won't make it on the 3 mile run this Monday. I wish I could have gone National Guard back in Hawaii (wish I could have gone 442nd back in the day ... born too late) and really gone for broke ... I will, asap. I'm tired of the racists trying to provoke fights with me, I'm tired of the kids who think they're first class soldiers and behave like cheap thugs. This is not what I expected out of the United States Army.

I still have Mortar school and Air Assualt school ... playing a wait and see approach. I wish there was more I could do ... between getting smoked and doing details, I'm getting 4 hours of sleep a day for the last week ... sorry for not writing. I'm taking time out of a PX run to type this ... well everyone take care, Happy Easter to you all.
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