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Petah, thank you for the info. This one is now a "here ya go" on a bundle buy. That's what I'm considering it based on what I've valued the others in the lot at. I'm dealing with a buddy for his mother in law who lost her husband a few years ago and is just now beginning to sell a few of his things. So far these pictures are all I have. If I obtain it I'll do as you say, break it down, take some shots with my macro lens and figure it out.

Jim, I've tried to zoom in on this photo in a number of programs but cannot enhance it enough to discern what it says. I sent it to a photographer friend just now hoping that he could work his magic. He says the resolution is too low and that is was taken with an older cell phone in crappy lighting with improper distance and so on.

Is is possible for me to find this serial number by pouring any of the antique value guidebooks or figure out what this is with only the pictures we have? Surely the SN# if authentic can help in some way.
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