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SKS: Was this a good buy?

Guys, just out of curiosity, I just won this on gunbroker. WAS $410, but some jackass bidded me up...

Yugo M59 (apparently in original config, not M59/66) with all matching numbers in the 40,000's except the trigger group (400,000). It does have gorgeous wood and is in great shape.

I don't know if matching numbers are a huge deal and I'm kind of finicky about those things. Should I worry about it?

I'm kind of beating myself up over this. I seen a nice chinese model which I could've gotten for $450, but out the door would have costed me $520. Out the door, this will cost me about $480, but I can ship to another FFL if I'm in the area, and it would be $465.

I could also be a jerk and not take it, but I've done that once and feeling bad, I immediately told I would pay the auction fee for the trouble. The seller agreed.

As far as the current situation, and the fact that SKS's are only going to go up, as well as our situation in NY, do you think I did alright?
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