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I can hardly comprehend the frustration you are feeling. I was able to walk into the local gun shop and walk out with the revolver I wanted. Nothing more than the standard paperwork. Concealed carry cost a total of $80 and from what I understand is a very quick process, but I do not have to have a concealed carry permit to own the gun or shoot it on my property.

Do you own any long guns? Might be fun to get yourself a .22LR and kill some time with it.

As for feeling so constrained with choice in revolvers, I am confident that you will be able to find an older S&W without a lock.

Good luck with new york, Its a different world here in Georgia. Haven't heard one mention of further gun control from our state government, for which I am thankful. Best of luck for your situation though, I would try to get out of there to somewhere that respects your 2nd amendment rights.
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