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It should be easy to tell if the gun is shooting to the right or you are. The fact you say it doesn't shoot right if you switch hands means it is probably you or it would do it in both hands. That is, of course, if you aren't flinching or pulling your shots left with you weak hand. Try shooting groups at different distances. If you can shoot a nice group, and its mechanical, the group should get slightly larger and move further right as you move the target further away. I suspect you aren't shooting a very good group and you pulling the shots. As you move the target further away you might find the group tighten or center up as you focus more on your technique for the longer shot. You said you have a "glock finger". I think you probably just need a little practice to adjust to the different trigger pull. My EDC is a M&P 9C and typically it takes a lot more effort for me to shoot a Glock well due to the difference in the trigger.

Watch your front sight you should be able to call the shot based on where you saw the front sight as the shot broke. Also, follow through after the shot, keep the trigger pulled to the rear and lower the sight back into the notch after the shot and before resetting the trigger for your next shot. If the sight is off center when you line it up again chances are you are pulling the shot and need to make an adjustment. The sight should fall straight back down into the notch after your shot. Use this technique for your slow fire then as you get better and increase speed you will see your ability to shoot accurately at speed improve as well.
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