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As was said above by Jack, "any 180gr will do" which is true in most cases.

Using better bullets, is like an insurance policy. If push comes to shove, it just may be a deal maker, while a poor bullet could just be a deal breaker.

The speer "hot-cor" could be likened in some ways to the current bonded bullets, as the melted lead alloy is injected into a VERY clean jacket before the final forming process. It is not a typical cup an core because of that difference in the process, which is a cold alloy core placed into the jacket before forming.

The whole point of the hot-cor is the melted alloy forming some bond with the very clean jacket material

The Federal "fusion" should be a bit of an improvement over the hot cor but only testing would indicate how much.

The Federal web site has test examples posted with the different bullets they load.

The Nosler Partition will be a very small part of the cost involved for your hunt, and it will also be one of the best available.

My 5th addition Nosler book lists the 180gr w/ RL22 producing both the best/ most accurate load in their tests, but a velocity of 3118 fps (max) whicle IMR 4350 gave a max of 3130fps, IMR4831 a max of 3160fps and IMR7828 a max of 3048

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