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In Nevada I received one message from Dean Heller and two messages from Harry Reid. Heller's response to my concerns were a little vague, but seem to indicate a likelihood to vote no on any bans, but may be in support of universal background checks or other similar proposals.

Reid went from first telling me that "every idea should be on the table as we discuss how to best protect our children" in response to my first email to "We must work to protect this right by enforcing laws that keep guns away from terrorists and criminals. However, the rights of responsible gun owners should not be compromised by individuals who use firearms to commit crimes" in response to my second. He's a very shrewd career politician and I'm betting that the political wind among his constituents made him change his outlook some for fear of losing votes in 2016. However, I'm still not 100% sure exactly where he stands; Perhaps he will also vote no to a new AWB, but agree to some other gun control provisions like universal and tighter background checks. Again I'm honestly not sure.
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