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Colt DA 38 Revolver

Hello:I am hoping to find an expert who can tell me more about a revolver that my neighbor inherited from her father.
She thinks that it might have belonged to her grandfather, who was once in the timber industry in Cuba before Castro.
It is a Colt, marked Colt DA 38 on the left side of the barrel. On top of the barrel, the markings are
Hartford CT, USA
Patented Aug 5 1884 Nov 6 88 Mar 5 95
There is a four digit number in two places, one on the cylinder release, which is flat, and the other inside the frame I believe. A lightly imprinted stamp on the bottom strap seems to have the date 1895 and WW.
(I am typing from my handwritten notes, not the gun, which is back in a cardboard box.)
The cylinder will rotate freely counterclockwise with the hammer fully forward.
Lock up is fairly tight. It has a slim jim type holster that is a perfect fit, missing a strap.
The gun is of course blue, with some rust, about 70%. I cleaned and oiled it and returned it to her, but it peaked my interest.
Also in the cardboard box is a full box of remington clean bore non corrosive 158 grain lead round nose .38 special cartridges, which will chamber, but I believe this gun is probably chambered in 38 Colt, not S&W Special. My gut tells me this is a civilian version of the Colts the Marines were using in the banana wars and in Philipines, but you tell me.
Any help is appreciated.
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