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Yeah, I know people make mistakes and to err is human. However this shouldn't be an issue. I don't think I have enough post yet but I wish I could quote because a lot of you guys made good points I'd like to comment on.

Number 1 was why was it loaded in a case? It should not have been. It tells you that even in the owners manual.

secondly was people referring to the guns having to be unloaded until entering the range. I have already emailed the owners of the range expressing my concern and heavily suggesting this idea become law of the range rather than just a good idea.

lastly was about panic times and new shooters. I am one of those new shooters, but in my defense I did take a safety class , carry permit class before I even bought my first gun. Safety was beaten into my head as it should have been.
I know that's not the end all/ be all but it is better than walking in and not knowing a dang thing and causing accidents to occur.

The range did email me back and said they were investigating the incident and would keep me informed.
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