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When you look, the real mission of LE is to verify a violation of law(crime) and gather evidence to find the person or persons that did the crime. Then to arrest the person and let the court system punish if guilty.

To serve and protect is to remove the bad guy based on his past behavior to prevent another future crime. Needing high firepower during the conflict is for protection of the officer. Is not the same true for everyone?

The public does not understand the real mission of governments because of the false belief that they will protect you and me.

Example: The real mission of the fire department is to protect the surrounding properties. Not the building that is on fire. Sometimes extinquishment of the burning building will protect the surrounding properties. Usually the burning building is a loss by the time that the fire department arrives and any effert to save it is a waste of manpower, water and resourses.

Same thing in LE. The crime is done. Figure out who, arrest them and let the court punish. Thus, we are protected from the person doing it to someone else, again.

You must be responsible for the propection for you, your family and your property.
Assume nothing.
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