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Do You Purchase Firearms Because Of Their High Capacity Abilities?

I will probably only be able to purchase one firearm this year, so, I've been trying to decide what it will be. I've thought about a Single Action revolver, another 1911, another .22 and another 9mm of some sort. I looked at CZ 75 P-01 the other day and it felt nice in the hand. I have two CZ handguns already and they are nice guns, so, another one isn't a bad idea.

A lot of people recommended that I get the CZ because of the current climate regarding high capacity firearms. The CZ comes with two 14 round magazines. I went back to look at it again and they had raised the price in the two days since they had got it in, so, I passed.

This got me to thinking about what I have that uses high capacity magazines. I have two XD9s, a CZ 75 B, a CZ RAMI and a Rock River AR. I thought I had more than that, but it then occurred to me that I have never bought a firearm specifically because of its capacity. I usually just bought what interested me at the time.

So, do any of you buy guns because of their magazine capacities? Apparently I don't.
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