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mrappe, yes I sanded the knife but I didn't knock myself out on it since its an experiment to see if I could get a finish anything close to what I'm wanting for the gun. I used 250 grit paper and the blade was partly rusted to start with (the knife is a beater camp knife I've had for about 20 something years). The knife actually looks pretty good after 4 more cycles and I like the deep blue satin finish I ended up with.

The shotgun looks awesome! The finish is a little smoother than what I am going for, but that is an awesome job. Isn't it great to have something you've worked on with your own hands?

I've got the gun down rusting now, looks like shes gonna need several cycles of rusting and carding, but I knew going in that this would be a long process. IF it turns out decent, I'll post pictures when its done.
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