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Originally Posted by 9mm
My SA 1911 is a pain, getting the take down pin(aka slide stop) back in is almost impossible, there this tube(correct name)? that has a pin sticking out of it, which is like impossible to push back inside. *Note this tube touchs the safety switch.
That's the plunger tube.

Personally, I've never once had an issue field stripping or reassembling a 1911. I don't get the people who say that it's hard or time consuming; sometimes I wonder if their microwaves still flash "12:00". Sure, newer designs strip down faster and more easily, but as 1911Tuner said, there's really no reason for this to be a focal point of why people like or dislike specific guns. I've yet to come across a centerfire autoloader that's THAT much a pain to strip and reassemble. Now, some .22s can be tricky (Ruger), but those are different beasts.
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