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When I saw your topic heading, I figured it would concern something like loading for a twelve or 14-inch barrel pistol. This is an area in which I am totally without experience and I nearly skipped your post. Glad I didn't.

I've been reloading for an Interarms Mark X .223 for several years. It has a skinny little 20-inch barrel, and I really didn't expect much from it when I bought the rifle. I get very decent results from Win 748 powder--about 27 to 27.5 gr-- and 50 to 55 gr bullets, especially the Hornady match hollow points. Sorry, but I'm away from the house and my loading notes now, so can't be more specific.

Obviously, this little rifle is not a full-house varmint rig, with the light barrel and sporter stock, but it is quite handy for wandering around the pastures, defending the livestock from vicious rabbits and such. I can get consistent sub-one-inch groups when I do my part. The same loads work quite well in my Colt CAR-15's 16-inch barrel.

I think you'll like the Mini-Mauser if you don't demand quarter-inch groups from it.

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