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Range accident today (not me)

I went to test out and eagerly fire a couple hundred rounds through my new XD-9mm today. I went to the range and fired my shots and was packing up and ready to go. (XD rocks btw) I was at the check out register to pay for my lane rental and some extra ammo when all the sudden BANG....

Some freaking idiot accidentally discharged his firearm in the lobby of the range. He was apparently taking it out of it's case and fired it. I'm not sure where the bullet went but I think it ricocheted off the floor and up through the ceiling as dust was falling from the ceiling tiles after the discharge. This really just made me boil over with anger. At first I was shocked and a little shaken making sure no one was hit. then I just got angry.
1st off , one the main rules in gun handling/ownership is never touch the trigger until you are ready to fire. So why was this numb nuts having his hand near the trigger? Why was this guy unpacking his guns in the lobby instead of the firing lane? People need to think before they act when they are in possession of a deadly weapon. smh.. it just boils me over people's lack of respect and negligence.. .. there were kids at the range, families, etc. Thank God no one was hurt. A lady got a little shrapnel in her leg but no one was directly hit or seriously injured.

This is just a reminder that no matter how comfortable you are or laxed you become with a weapon. Safety is still a priority and should be taken seriously. The guy at the range said they had been there for 5 years and it's never happened. However, that's not good enough. It should not happen.

Do ranges you guys go to have rules set in place to keep this sort of thing from happening?

Sorry if this is the wrong section, but appeared to be the best section for this content.

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