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I received a new email from Claire McCaskill (D-MO) a couple days ago.

She originally had been all in favor of a new AWB (despite her own protests that she's pro-2A). Well, I guess we Missourians kept the pressure on. Her most recent missive says not one single word about supporting any new ban on guns or magazines, instead focusing on background and mental health checks.

Keep the pressure on, and the folks who have to answer to pro-RKBA constituencies (even if they tend to normally be willing to vote for bans) will drop their support for such bans. If a ban isn't a sure thing, they won't bother bringing it to the floor- the politicians are remembering that after the 1994 bill passed many of their number had to go find new jobs. They SURE don't want an anti-RKBA vote on their record for a bill that will fail.

We're winning. Keep it up.
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