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Originally Posted by Eppie View Post
Thank you j3ffr0 for taking the time to explicitly explain the reason why laser are superior.

However, just as there are people who still believe that the Earth is flat, there are people who will continue to insist that iron sights are better, and no reason is going to convince them. My dad used to say the "The strongest force in the universe is a closed mind, nothing can pry it open".
Loving the pseudo insult here.

I've tested both irons and lasers in as stressful an environment as I can without actually being in a gun fight. Irons were still substantially faster at acquiring a target.

If lasers are so great, how come they aren't standard issue for police? How come, even though the military has them, they don't really use them? (From my Army Major brother-in-law who says that except for a few select and rare circumstances, they're all but useless). If lasers were this amazing thing that are far better than iron sights we'd be seeing huge adoption of them by major police forces in the US, except, we're not seeing that.

Police forum where the majority opinion is they aren't very helpful or useful. I understand that police needs are different than SD needs, but the rationale being given is that lasers are superior to iron sights in nearly every way. If that we're truly the case, police would be using them.

I'll still go back to one of my original statements. If it works for you, fine, it works for you. But you can't come here and claim that lasers are this wonderful end all be all, when the evidence to show that is almost nil.

As to the OPs question, yes, lasers are a crutch. It's something that is used because its simpler (simpler is not always better) and more intuitive to use, and makes up for a lack of skill or ability. This is not an insult. If you have bad vision, you need a crutch, the same as if you have a bad leg. Irons are proven to be quicker to use and more accurate. This isn't an opinion.

Anyway, this is a topic that's already been beaten to death. The evidence is there, some just choose to ignore and and believe what they see on TV and on movies. This being the case, I'm done with the thread. I know what works. I know what the pros say on this topic. A few contrary opinions by what is perceived by me to be random people on the Internet isn't enough to sway me or anyone else who knows the truth in this matter.

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