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I love the 19. My gen4 is my EDC gun and is second favorite only to my Gen4 G21.

I have run the gamut as far as handguns are concerned. Glock, XD, XDM, M&P, Sigs, FN, FNX, Ruger, Walther, HK.. the list goes on. There are things I like and things I dislike about every style... Something always kept drawing me back to Glocks. I'll admit that I am a big fan of M&P as well. Sigs were my very favorite for quite some time. I always loved the look and feel of HK's, but I could never shoot them well... like, I seriously shoot them like crap. Not sure why. Probably the terrible triggers.

I would buy, sell, and trade handguns like they were baseball cards for a few years. I just love the simplicity and lack of maintenance required with the Glock. It doesn't care if it's bone dry and covered in sand... it still shoots flawlessly... and I've tested that out in the desert.

Congrats on the acquisition. It's a hell of a good gun. Perfect size for carry, not very heavy, with excellent capacity for its size.
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