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A thought on AWB

This may have already been brought up and if so please delete this thread.

Let me start out by saying I'm a huge supporter of any law abiding citizens right to own any firearm they choose and am strongly against any form of a weapons ban. We all know, as well as the gun grabbers do, that current gun legislation does very little to curb gun violence because criminals don't follow the law. Therefore, if criminals don't follow current laws, logic dictates that criminals won't follow any future laws either, making future AWBs pointless.

With that being said, after hearing arguments from both sides, I've noticed that they seem to be reading from the same script. By that I mean that both sides point their finger at the other side and say "How dare you use a tragedy and the fear of future tragedies to further your personal agenda!"

We say the politicians are using our fear of future tragedies to take away our rights, while the gun gabbers claim we are using the fear of future tragedies to justify more gun and gun related sales.

How many of us have been at a LGS or show and heard the speech: "buy now because tomorrow might be too late!" While this may be true, how is this any different then their argument to ban guns? Their argument is "ban today because tomorrow might be to late!"

I'm not saying they're right, I'm just saying if you listen closely, it sounds like both sides are saying the same thing, using the same excuses, and whether we realize it or not, both sides are using a tragedy to further their own agenda. They want our guns, we want to keep our guns. It's that simple.

Two sides of the same coin using the same examples and fears to strengthen their numbers. It's an argument that has probaly gone on since guns were invented and I'm sure it will continue long after we're gone, provided they don't take away the 2nd Ammendment.

Anyways, I feel the idea of gun bans are a joke because guns are the result of violence. Look at the "Old West". Wasn't it guns that brought law and order to the west?

There was violence long before guns were invented. Violence is not the result of guns, but of man himself.

End of rant. Lol
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