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So true Hardworker, I'm sorry to say but the NRA has to change there PR people like NOW.. When I was watching pierce Morgan a few weeks ago I was appalled at the people representing the pro-gun civilians..Oh man so un-educated people.. There as to be a better excuse then the 2nd Amendment..which I believe became a stale excuse and will eventually be un-done.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see beacons of truth and reason on Piers Morgan's show. Morgan has an agenda to push and finding the most ridiculous people he can to represent the opposing viewpoint is an effective way to do it. By intentionally choosing ignorant, extreme, or poorly speaking people to represent the pro-2A side of things, Morgan hopes to discredit the whole movement. The NRA could have William Shakespeare himself to represent them and it wouldn't make any difference because he'd never appear on Piers Morgan's show to begin with.
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