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Bill Ruger was a dreamer and he was fascinated by the old BP pistols. He decided to make the best one ever made and he did it. If you are a BP pistol shooter you NEED one of Ruger's Old Army pistols. You can load that baby up to nearly 44 mag performance. (always using BP of course)I love mine and she shoots HARD.....or you can make it shoot soft. The charm of shooting BP.

When SASS happened they shot old west looking pistols and eschewed the Ruger, which, of course is far better than any of the others.

No one thought Bill Ruger's No 1 would sell, but I have three and wish I had 20 of them. Ruger No1's are some of my very favorite rifles to shoot.

But really, you need one of those Ruger Old Army's. They are a ball to shoot. Of course it's slow going, but who cares? A day on the range is always a great day!
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