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wncchester, thanks for the quick reply! That makes sense and actually might benefit me since I want to load some "wife loads" for her to shoot out of her revolver. I am going to use min load so that bullet will be good. Straight walled bullets so I don't have to worry about a groove line..I'll just seat to stated spec.

Something I've found that seems weird, I have found hardly any data for a 100gr .380 bullet, but hodgdon states a start load of 3.6 and max of 3.8 of Unique. But my lyman manual shows a 95grain .380 bullet start load of 2.1 I about scary since I've already loaded 20 100gr bullets at 3.6gr.

This may make an experienced loader chuckle but being so green at this it seems like a major powder difference for 5grains of bullet weight.....then again, I followed the manual so I imagine I'm safe.
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