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Line between "Dealing" and "Private Collection" for NFA items

I stumbled upon an elderly gentleman with quite a collection of Machine-Guns that he's interested in unloading in bulk, as his family has no interest in owning them. I'm considering making him an offer for all of them but want to think before I leap.

If I were to transfer all these items via Form 4s and promptly resell the majority of them after their transfer, would that be "dealing without a license" or just me selling from my "private collection"?

Or could I have the ones I wish to sell, transfer to my NFA dealer and then sell them through him and thereby bypass the "dealing without a license"?

I'm pretty sure there's no bright-line standard, rather what ATF can prove. I've been dumping Evil Black Rifles from my personal collection to cash in on the silly feeding-freenzy going on right now, but this is a deliberate move I want to think through.
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