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In my Navy days, firing the 1911, I qualified for the Pistol ribbon, sharp shooter level. Wish I knew the the requirements, target, & number of points required for marksman / sharpshooter / expert. Never had the opportunity to try for the rifle ribbon, but was qualified on M14. Loved that rifle
In my Navy days I was so bad with the 1911 that I had to take extra training and only 'qualified' when the GM's moved us up a little closer to the target to get an acceptable score. Had to get qualified to stand POOW (Petty Officer of the watch for you ground pounders).

Ahhh, the M-14, what a rifle! I had no trouble qualifying expert at 200 meters each time. Loved that rifle too, but for some reason I couldn't hit the ocean from the pier with the 1911.

After I got out of the Navy, my failures with the 1911 bothered me so much that I became obsessed with pistol shooting. Now I can hit the ocean from the pier!
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