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Need some help fellas

So I'll be flying to Reno on Tuesday. I've flown several times before but this time I'm bringing my handgun with me. I read up on the TSA rules and it seems pretty simple enough but I got some questions for anyone who has experience flying with guns. I'll be flying delta and under their website it says I can have my handgun as long as its in a locked hard sided case. I was just gonna use the case it came in. Its a Baby Desert Eagle II so its a magnum research box. Nothing fancy solid black has the logo on front and two places to snap it shut. It also has two holes in the handle to where I can put locks on it. But I'm confused on the types of locks. I've been looking around and I've seen where TSA has certified types of locks and it seems to me that those would be the best choice but I see a lot of people online saying to get a lock that isn't TSA approved? Which one should I get. Also I'm only 20 (bought my handgun at the age of 18 in my home state of NC through private purchase which is %100 legal) so am I gonna have any problems at the airport when they see my age and I have a handgun? After all that can I just shove my locked handgun case inside my checked baggage? All those fees really add up so I'm looking to save cash. Many Thanks
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