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A Ruger Single Six with the .22/.22 mag cylinder is a wonderful pistol, but if you can get a Bearcat that shoots to the sights it will be one of the best guns you will ever own. They are wonderful plinkers and fit easily in the hand. Women have no trouble holding them. They ride easily on your hip.

I've had two Bearcats. Both first models. One shot great and the other not so. The sights are fixed. You can work on a fixed sight some, to make it shoot point of aim.

I like the old west loading gate system, but the flip out cylinder is quicker to reload.

I am a big fan of Ruger 22's of all kinds. The autos are very nice pistols, but a little hard on the thumbs when reloading.

Bearcats are not cheap! I paid $36 for my first one!
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