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The Creedmoor will always be around, will it be a top 10 caliber choice, no. With Nosler getting in the game with the production of ammunition and brass, it can only move up. Browning, DPMS, Thompson Center, Savage, and Ruger all carry rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, which is a positive. In the end Hornady developed this round for a niche market (Target Shooting), and knew that it wouldn't be a high demand cartridge. I think that they are somewhat surprised how it seems to be taking off as a hunting round, hence the introduction of Superformance Hunting cartridges circa 2010.

The cartridge itself was designed off the .30 T/C, which is a shortened .308. It has a 30 degree shoulder, and the body has less of a taper compared to .260 or .308. The shortened length of the case is what makes this cartridge excel when it comes to the longer 140+ grain bullets. The shortened case allows these longer bullets to be seated with less intrusion into the case compared to the .260. When you subtract bullet intrusion from the .260's case capacity with these longer bullets, the .260 has a minimal 0.7 grain advantage. When you combine the 30 degree shoulder (20 degree shoulder in .260), reduced body taper, and shorter case length you get a more efficient cartridge that burns less powder and gets the same numbers as the .260. If you reload, that means more bang for your buck. If you don't, the Creedmoor Hornady ammo is less costly compared to the .260.

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