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Failures to fire with rimfires are a valid concern IME.
My rules for rimfire reliability are;
Don't buy ammo that has the word 'Remington' on the box.
Do buy CCI ammo. Velocitor, Mini Mags, Stingers.
Winchester Super X has also been 100% for me.
That said, the revolver, especially the DA revolver, has the advantage of cycling a fresh round with the pull of the trigger or cocking the hammer.
Also the revolver doesn't care about power level. Some autos, even the venerable Mark II/III, can get beaten up with a steady diet of Stingers or other hyper velocity ammo. Also they may not cycle with sub-sonic ammo like Wolf MT. With a revo' you can also enjoy plinking with shorts and the Colibri rounds in more urban areas without upsetting the neighbors.
I love my Mark II, but my 6 shot SP101 is my trail gun.
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