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Hey sensop, I've got a 20" S&S 223Rem M7 that works real well with H4895 or H322 combined with 45gr, 50gr and 52gr bullets. Have not tried the 55gr bullets in this one.

I've also tried both WW-748 and BL-C2 with those bullets in the 20" M7 too, and just didn't notice the muzzle flash. But, all that shooting was done during full daylight conditions.

Probably of interest to you though is that I've seen no indication of "unburned powder grains" even with these lighter bullets and SAFE MAX loads. So, your 55gr bullets should do just fine with any of them.

I do agree the Double Base powders are more prone to muzzle flash than the Single Base powders. But it just doesn't seem to be a problem with the amount of propellent in the 223Rem case.

Good hunting and clean 1-shot kills, Hot Core
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