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Aiming Techniques for Service Rifle/Small bore/Air Rifle Competitors

I've searched the forums, and the general consensus is "consistently use the same aiming technique" and there is no real preference between "center hold" and "6 O'Clock" aiming. I've used center hold since forever, and when I read that is what Carlos Hathcock used I was convinced that it was the best technique.

However I recently picked up the Air Rifle, and have been shooting 10 meter standing. I used center hold when I used a circular front insert (really easy, just pull the trigger when you see a fuzzy white circle), but I transitioned to a post front insert to get my eyes used to that since High Power season is almost upon us.

The front sight got lost in the target aiming black, which is a problem I've had with my service AR. So I adjusted the sights UP and then dropped the post to a 6 O'Clock hold and that seemed very helpful. Immediately it was easier to keep my shots in the black.

So, what aiming technique do you use, and why? Is there any problem associated with range changes on a High Power course with the change in size of the aiming black?

I know that a lot of shooters, Distinguished and High Master, will advise me to do what "works for me." But at this point I am still trying to figure out what really works best for me.

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