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Took a sip of the Kool-Aid

I am strictly a target shooter (paper, falling plates, etc.) and have a few handguns I shoot on a regular basis. The group I shoot with are pretty good short range shooters but we were never able to get any good consistency with my previous 9mm. I looked at a lot of 9mm handguns recently and I liked the trigger on the Glocks, so I said WTH, and bought a model 19. Being a 1911 guy at heart, I had my doubts but took it to the range yesterday for the first time. The three of us shot it and it was as accurate as our 1911s in our hands. All of us were impressed. The white outline sights were easy to see and other than 5 FTE in a row on some handloads of mine, and a cut on my left thumb from my improper grip on the first shot, it went well. We shot all handloads and I know which work well now. I went to the Kool-Aid pitcher and partook. Just a sip for now, but time will tell. It's different from my 1911 but is accurate and relatively user friendly.
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