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Originally Posted by spunky
I think I may still ask a friend of mine who is with the police department. The statutes do not clarify on this. I think that I probably could go ahead and carry, and use this as a defense if I got charged.
A police officer would the LAST person you should ask. Police officers are not especially knowledgeable about laws, especially laws they don't write tickets for every day. In my home state, I had a police captain (the nephew of the woman I was dating at the time, so he wasn't trying to shine me) tell me it was perfectly legal for me to transport a handgun to shooting range with no permit.

Turns out, in my home state that is 100 percent wrong. Doing so is a felony offense.

I have since obtained my permit. When I encounter police officers at the range, I sometimes test them while chatting. Had two officers from the nearby city tell me that it's illegal to open carry in this state, even with a permit.

Wrong again.

Go ahead and ask a cop but, if you do, you should proceed on the basis that what he tells you will most likely be wrong. If he tells you that what you want to do is legal, you should absolutely assume he is wrong unless you get independent confirmation from an attorney whom you are paying to give you solid advice.

Or you could go ahead and do what you propose. If you get arrested and charged, you can certainly use your interpretation of what even you acknowledge as a gray area in the law as a defense. You can also lose your case based on that defense and go to prison. Is it REALLY worth the risk?
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