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Originally Posted by bgibb42 View Post
No less, yes...but no more either. IMHO, .40 offers two distinct disadvantages compared to the similarly sized 9mm. Greater (excessive, I think) recoil, and lower capacity in otherwise identical pistols. This, coupled with great advances in 9mm ammunition, are the reasons for declining popularity in .40 caliber.

Around where I live, I can't find many 9mm pistols in stock, but if you want a .40, dealers have plenty.
And two distinct advantages offset those: superior barrier penetration to either the 9mm or .45, especially auto glass, and being able to fit in a 9mm-sized frame so it can fit shooters who can't handle the girth of a .45

The recoil of the .40 is very exaggerated IMO. I started shooting it regularly, and well, around when I turned ten. The 155s are a bit snarly, but the 180s - which I prefer anyway - are not bad at all.
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