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Case #12 on the list is a case that copycatted Jackson v. San Francisco.

There have been attempts by SF to relate the cases and was defeated by the NRA. Then the NRA petitioned the Court for status as Amicus Curiae. That was granted and the NRA argued that Pizzo be dismissed on grounds of having no standing.

The result came in last December. The judge denied the MSJ by Gorski on just those grounds as laid out by the NRA.

After some somewhat lengthy negotiations, the City and County off SF were dismissed (Gorski did this in order to not to have to pay the attorney fees of SF). Gorski, as I understand it, now has about 40 days to file an appeal on the State law grounds that were dismissed at trial court.

This will put this particular case way behind any of the leading CA cases at the 9th.

All in all, this is a good thing. Nothing good will come of cases brought by this particular maverick attorney and could actually harm the 2A movement in CA and/or throughout the 9th Circuit.
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