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I own about 10 pistols of different calibers but not one revolver. I want to fix that. Now if I wanted a must have in your collection for a revolver which one should it be? Ruger GP100?

Use? range and to enjoy looking at. Either .38 or .45 stainless. Barrel length? not that important as is staying home or going out for range only.

Oh yeah, not crazy expensive, could be used. Figure about 500/600 tops.

For range use and looking at, I'd look seriously at the Ruger Blackhaw/Vaquero/New Vaquero or anyy of the mid priced SAA clones.

If you reload... I'd go with 45 Colt/45 acp or 44 Special/Magnum. If not, they are all out there in .357 Magnum as well.

Fun to shoot, and just plain beautiful to look at, and within your price rage new.
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