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9mm ammo advice

My oldest daughter turns 21 in 2 weeks, and I have picked up a Diamondback DB9 for her. I let her try my DB9 and my Sig P290 a few weeks Go, and she liked the DB better.

My question pertains to ammo for it. 9mm is becoming quite scarce around here. I picked up a box of CCI Blazer for her to familiarize herself with the gun. I have a box of 115-grain hollow points, and last night picked up a box of 95-grain flat soft points. Any advice on which of these two I should give her to load in the gun for carry purposes? She is small-framed and I was thinking the lighter bullet would yield lighter recoil. I know I'd prefer the heavier hollow point for myself, but these soft points look like good bullets, with deep slits for expansion.

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